sivan Perwer (bio engl)

Sivan Perwer is widely recognized as the foremost singer among the Kurds today.   The hypnotic rhythms of his songs and his beautiful vibrating voice will hypnotize you as he sings traditional Kurdish songs of love, war, heroism, and longing for a homeland free from persecution. His extraordinary ability to express his passion and activism through music has resulted in the Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish governments' placing a ban on his music. Sivan has recorded 20 albums and continues to be a voice for the Kurdish people.  Sivan Perwer was born between Diyarbakir and Urfa, Turkish Kurdistan in 1955.   His birthplace was full of musical activity.   His father was a great Kurdish flute player and his older brother was influential as a singer.   His childhood was full of musical gatherings, dances, and festivities.  By the time he was in high school people were asking him to make records.  At that time this was not in his mind; he was involved with furthering his studies to help his Kurdish people. Besides, recordings could only be done in Turkish, not in his native language Kurdish.  From 1975 on he became a protest singer. He has become the best known Kurdish musician in the world, accompanying himself on the tanbur, Kurdish 3-course lute.  Sivan Perwer is also a highly accomplished composer.At this time he has recorded over 30 cassettes, records, numerous CDs, film and video music. He has become a teacher and inspiration for many Kurdish singers; but especially for his son.  By now Sivan Perwer has become a living legend, giving performances all over the world, participating in solidarity concerts, crossing continents with multi-cultural events.   Spanning the range from traditional to folk, from classical to protest songs to songs of freedom and friendship, in various Kurdish dialects. He sings of love and peace despite the fact that he can not go back to his homeland since the day he left his country in 1976.   His land is a forbidden land and he's a forbidden man.

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