the Moonshine Playboys (B) (Bio engl.)

In 1998, three of the Cuvelier brothers were working in their little family brewery on the outskirts of the southwestern bayous.   They suddenly realized that the songs played on the radio had a clear resemblance with their original  compositions that they used to play at the Saturday evening village dance or at the Sunday morning Mass.     Full of anger, Marvin, Bronson and Mitchum took their banjo, mandoline, contrabass, guitar and accordion and decided the whole world had to know who created the biggest successes of the last fifty years: “Stairway to heaven”, “Enter Sandman”, “Staying alive”, “Anarchy in the UK”,…With a bible and some bottles of home-made booze from their uncle Chaney in their luggage, they are ready to deal with the show-business once and for all.   Take a look at their fabulous website  www.moonshineplayboys.com ! with all the gigs.

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